PE-Xb pipe is made from the polyethylene material, adopting the cross-linking technique to form the covalent bond between polyethylene molecular chains. It has excellent heat resistance and outstanding 

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PE-X pipe features:

Outstanding quality, strong toughness and high internal pressure strength;

With excellent corrosion resistance and environmental stress crack resistance, the product can deliver chemical fluids under high-temperature conditions;

As the inner wall surface tension of the pipe is low, the water with high surface tension is difficult to soak into the inner wall, which can effectively avoid scaling;

Due to smooth inner wall of the pipe, small fluid flow resistance, excellent hydraulic performance, the product has the larger fluid flow than the metal pipe.

With flexibility and memory model, the product shape can be restored after being heated;

With light weight and convenient installation, the product is easy to be delivered and carried out the construction; Under the normal conditions, the service life can be over 50 years.

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