Multilayer Pipes for Gas

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Multilayer Pipes for Gas

  • Temperature and Pressure Resistance: max. up to 95℃,1-1.25Mpa.

  • High Mechanical Strength: not easy to be damaged or cracked.

  • Corrosion Resistance: resistant to acid,alkalinc and salt solutions.

  • Cleanness and Health: no harmful substances,mould-proof,non-rusting and non-scaling.

  • Light Weight: arbitrary length with convenient installation.

  • Flexibility and Non-Rebound: can be bent without being heated,reduced the use of fittings.

  • Heat Preservation: 1/100 heat conductivity of metal pipe,excellent heat preservation and outstanding energy conservation.

  • Anti-Vibration and Impact Resistance: the compositc material can effectively reduce and absorb the pipe vibration so as to lower the noise.

  • Long Service Life: high creep strength and long service life.  

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