Company Introduce

ZHEJIANG MINGSHI XINGXIN HVAC TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD. is the biggest subsidiary of Mingshi Company.Established in the year of 1999,the company now is one of the top manufactures of plastic and composite pipes,tubes,brass fittings,manifolds and valves in China.
Registered brand: MINGSHI, MSP.

Company Culture

  • Core Values : Carefully do the product
  • Our Mission:Create new standards of living
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit:Integrity, transcendence, innovation, sharing

Geographical Position

Zhejiang MINGSHI Xing Xin HVAC Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the historical and cultural city of Shaoxing, Xishiguli Zhuji, the top 100 town – shop town, from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport 38 km, 3 hours traffic circle up to Ningbo and Shanghai, The company northwest side through, through Hangzhou, gold, high-speed, logistics extending in all directions, unique geographical advantages, the local built in East China Auto Parts Plumbing City, the plumbing industry for the country’s main production and sales base.

Internationl Certificates

Our Plant area